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我們是 Fujitsu HK 授權經銷商,我們銷售的富士通互動觸控智能顯示屏均是代理行貨三年保用,提供標準掛牆式安裝,用戶還可以選擇滾輪移動支架歡迎致電 29905299 安排 Fujitsu 專車到您的公司附近做示範。Fujitsu 富士通互動觸控智能顯示屏是演講商業會議和數碼化教室的重要設備。 與投影儀和手寫電子白板相比,富士通互動觸控智能顯示屏提供了無與倫比的視覺體驗互動性能,推動了業務發展和教學效率。 

Fujitsu Interactive Panel is the essential hub for modern meeting spaces as well as digitize classrooms. Compared to projector-based systems, the Fujitsu Interactive Panel offers unparalleled visual performance and fosters collaboration to elevate meeting and teaching efficiency. Welcome to call us at 29905299 for arranging a demo near your office.

Meeting room collaboration can help making organizations more productive and responsive, this is the key to digital transformation driving business success. Today’s business world needs smarter meeting spaces. Conference rooms that guarantee meetings to start on time, and connects participants seamlessly and wirelessly from any location. Fujitsu launches it’s interactive panels which is an integrated wireless solution designed for modern offices to foster meeting efficiency and enable a new style of team work with three practical system choices: Fujitsu Interactive Panel Available in 56” – 86” viewing size with 4K display technology, the Fujitsu Interactive Panel is ideal for business users looking to upgrade their existing projector-based meeting spaces. Compared to projector systems or conventional whiteboards, the Fujitsu Interactive Panel supports real-time mirroring of visual and audio content of a number of devices; features like smart on-screen annotation and simultaneous display transform traditional meeting rooms to digitized and interactive meeting environment.

高效率會議有助於提高機構的生產力和發展,這是推動業務成功數碼化轉型的關鍵。當今的商業世界需要更智能的會議空間會議室保證會議準時開始,並從任何位置以無線方式無縫連接參與者富士通推出互動觸控智能顯示屏,這種集成無線解決方案,專為現代辦公室設計,旨在提高會議效率並實現新的團隊合作方式。 Fujitsu Interactive Panel 提供 55 英寸 - 65 英寸 - 75 英寸 和 86 英寸,利用 4K 顯示技術,富士通推出互動觸控智能顯示屏非常適合進取的商業用戶。與投影儀系統或傳統白板相比,Fujitsu Interactive Panel 支持多種設備的視音頻內容的實時鏡像;智能屏幕註釋和同步顯示等功能將傳統會議室轉變為數字化和交互式會議環境。

教學科技日新月異,教學電子化及增強師生互動是現今教學環境的大趨勢。Fujitsu互動觸控智能顯示屏專為多元化的教學環境及有效的學習體驗而設。相比起傳統投影機 PROJECTOR,Fujitsu Interactive whiteboard (IWB) 提供清晰解象度及出色的圖像品質,打造雙向互動的教學環境,加強學習趣味。


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AOV Electric Lift Stand for TV / Interactive Panel / Smart Whiteboard
  • $1,131.00


Fujitsu IW862 Ultra 86” 4K UHD PCAP Touch Interactive Panel Smart Whiteboard 高清 4K 86寸 PCAP 互動觸控智能顯示屏
  • $9,090.00
  • $8,322.00


Fujitsu ST33 Trolley for 56"-86" Interative Panel
  • $389.00
  • $363.00


North Bayou TW100 75-110"Motorized Electric Height Adjustable Trolly for TV Smart Whiteboard Fujitsu Interative Panel
  • $883.00
  • $814.00