Adopting a Smart Lifestyle

Saving the Environment with Technology


Fact of the day: It takes nearly half a liter of water to produce one sheet of A4 paper. What's more, one tonne of paper produced comes with a tonne of solid waste, adding up the environmental cost that is going to be paid by our next generation.


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Despite the pollution humans have brought to the planet, developing innovative technologies to safeguard the environment is crucial to the future of human civilization ( if we are not moving to Mars! ). When it comes to the topic, you would probably think of renewable energy or saving the endangered wildlife, what we want to bring up today is that adopting a smart lifestyle could get you the same results.



With reusing being the trend, it should be applied to the use of papers. Rocketbook not only comes with a fashionable appearance, the paper is completely reusable and erasable, with just a swipe of the handkerchief and a splash of water you can turn your notebook into new again! Asking for more? the navigation column at the bottom of every page could turn your handwriting into digital files for various platforms ( eg. Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud, and they are customisable ), with just an easy scan by the app.


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If you are fancy enough, you would probably want to cop one of these notebooks for your working essentials, you can write as many ideas as you want to, without worrying to throw your notes away one day, they are all in the clouds. And more importantly, you know you are saving the planet.


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